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We specialize in residential mini-split and multi-split heating and cooling solutions. (Maybe some kind of slogan here instead this)





We specialize in residential mini-split and multi-split heating and cooling solutions.


New build? A multi-split has tons of benefits over a traditional system

Upgrade your old system to a multi-split for clean, zoned heating and cooling in every room

Add a mini-split to any room for zoned heating and cooling

Addition? Workshop? ADU? A mini-split is the perfect fit



Say goodbye to dirty ductwork and gas guzzling furnaces and say hello to a cleaner, healthier home.


Save money, and the environment by choosing an efficient, all electric alternative

Go ductless and reap the benefits of clean, low maintenance heating and air conditioning.

Zoned systems condition where you want, when you need it for the ultimate in cost effective comfort

Choose from high wall mount, sleek recessed ceiling cassettes, low wall mount or even hidden short-ducted air handlers to complement your homes aesthetic



We are passionate about clean, healthy indoor air.


We understand that indoor air quality matters, especially here in the valley when the smoke hits.

Have a professional test your indoor air with the latest equipment for peace of mind

HEPA Filtration systems rid your home of harmful particulates and improve the air quality in your home

Energy Recovery Ventilation systems give you a breath of fresh, clean air even in smoke season

We are a local small business and we intend to keep it that way


Small business means low overheads and we pass the savings on to you

✓Small business means a personal touch, the same person who designs your system, installs your system

Ashland Heating and Cooling is a trained and certified Mitsubishi Diamond contractor which is the highest accreditation available through Mitsubishi electrics multi-stage training program. This means that we are always up to date on the latest technologies and installation practices and we are able to offer an extended warranty to our clients.

541 631 8879

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